Data Driven Digital Mapping

area values, length, perimeter, slope degree or percentage... land data at your fingertips.


customised detailed mapping for all types of industries and planning.

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Both high level and UAV aerial photography and mapping services specific to the forestry industry

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Farm Mapping

fencing, irrigation, crop or stock types, land quality and use... farming, horticulture, vineyards... endless options and uses.

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mid level, high detail photography for urban planning and development.

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Event and Recreational Mapping

mountain bike parks, festivals and events of all kinds... enhanced by user-friendly maps.

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Accurate mapping is essential for productivity, economy and safety. We provide a full GIS service with experience in general forestry, harvest planning, ETS, break-out maps, consent applications and much more.

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Improve planning and efficiency with tailored maps for your farm, vineyard or horticulture operation. As well as standard map features we can include irrigation, land types, crops/animals, buildings... the list is endless.

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Detailed GIS based mapping for all purposes, as detailed or simple as you need to best operate, promote understanding or advertise your business, land or hobby.

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High level fixed wing, mid level helicopter and low level drone flights, we can capture your image either vertical or oblique. Ortho photography also available.

Photomap were excellent to deal with, and the results were exactly what I needed; Accurate detail, clear photography and all at a very reasonable price. I would not hesitate to recommend Photomap to anyone.” from Tony Faram, Otokorau Station, Okoko, Gisborne