Aerial Photography

New or archived Aerial Photography for multiple applications:

Vertical – optional scale

Oblique – ‘side view’ for scenic overviews

  • historic archived photography

Orthophotography (corrected images for mapping and accurate ground measurements)

Photo-mosiac production

Fixed wing helicopter or UAV drone aircraft

Regular aerial photography flights over Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Lower North Island, and now nationwide using our network of operators.

  • aerial photography is an excellent management tool and a great start to mapping your forest or farm
  • Monitor your project roll-out or assess environmental changes. Capture that ‘point in time’ as proof of the existing situation on the ground
  • Showcase your tourism attractions
  • Digital camera with 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor producing 5,184 x 3,456 resolution  linked to a Canon prime 20mm lens for verticals or a zoom lens for obliques.
  • Costs can often be shared between clients to give best value service.

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Cessna 172